Money Block 5 – Lacking Trustworthy Financial Advice

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May 7, 2022

Show Notes:

A money block is really a belief you hold about the role money plays in your life. You may be aware of this belief or it may just be a subconscious one. Nevertheless, a money belief is something you agree to be true about money and its role in your life. This concept was pioneered and conceptualised by renowned US-based Financial Planner and Financial Therapist, Rick Kahler.

Sometimes, these beliefs can be very limiting. The one we are discussing this week is about lacking trustworthy financial advice. This block can prevent us from accessing professional help in an area where we ourselves may not be equipped with the relevant knowledge and awareness.

While there is always the risk of trusting the wrong advice, with a little bit of groundwork you can find a good trustworthy professional with relevant experience to help you achieve your financial goals.

Partha Iyengar and Lisa Pallavi Barbora, have an open and freewheeling chat about how this belief affects women and what can be done to transform it. Some of the contours of this conversation touch upon aspects of why it occurs and also what small steps one can take to overcome this money block.

Being afraid to trust others and then trying to make hard money choices all by ourselves can be risky. Rather, listen in to find out how you can find the right professional to help you in your money journey.

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