What is the Key to Success?

Written by parthaiyengar

August 7, 2013

Few days ago, we happened to watch the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag . It was so refreshing to watch it along with a number of families who brought their little ones to the movies!

I found this to be an epic movie when it comes to inspiration and motivation!  Don’t you think so?  What was so unique about Farhan Akhtar’s portrayal of Milkha Singh? If I can describe in one word, he personified the word ‘Grit’.  Do you remember the airplane scene [having lost in Melbourne Olympics] where he walks up to his coach with a napkin to find out the timings for the world record. The coach with a heavy heart writes the numbers in the napkin and gives it back to him.  He transforms that as his Vision Board that helps him beat the world record.  Boy! That was something! Wasn’t it? And he did it!!

Research by Angela Duckworth exactly points out to this phenomenon of Success. The single big factor between success and failure is ‘Grit’. It is just not enough to have intelligence and other factors, though it will all help, but ‘Grit’ transcends everything.

Watch Angela Duckworth’s fascinating and in-depth research on ‘Keys to Success’ and why she found ‘Grit’ to be overwhelmingly important to succeed in one’s life.


*Video Source: Ted

Milkha Singh’s life was full of ‘Grit’ and he was a true hero!  What was your big moment? How did you achieve it?

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