The Secret to a Good Life!

Written by parthaiyengar

February 16, 2016

It is that time of the year again! Bring on the Reflections Hat..Yeah! So, How did your year go?

Did you have a Good Life in 2015? Wait a second..How does one define a Good Life?

Here is a small quiz for you. You have to answer one of them to define the Secret to Good Life.

  1. Having more Money
  2. Being Famous
  3. Relationships with friends and family

Most of us would have answered the first two. That is okay. You are not alone. But it turns out that it is the relationships with friends and family that matters and it is the secret to a ‘Good Life’. Don’t believe it? Okay.. Here is the proof. According to Harvard School’s ‘Study of Adult Development’ conducted over a period of 75 years [probably the longest ever study], it emerges that ‘Good Relationships keep us healthier and happier’. Period. Most important, it is the ‘quality’ of relationships that matters most for us to lead a ‘Good Life’. Do watch this awesome TED Talk by Robert Waldinger for more insights on how to lead a healthy and happy life.

My New Year Resolution is to ‘Have a Good Life’! What about yours?

P.S. : This blog is inspired by the New Year Greeting mail I received from Sanjay Kulkarni, the author of The Value Elephant

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