What is the Key to Success?

Few days ago, we happened to watch the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag . It was so refreshing to watch it along with a number of families who brought their little ones to the movies! I found this to be an epic movie when it comes to inspiration and motivation!  Don’t you...

What are your Life Goals?

In my last post, I wrote on motivations in our lives. Specifically, is it extrinsic or intrinsic motivation that drives us. Today’s blog post is inspired by the two questions that we constantly ask ourselves,  a. ‘What is life’ b. ‘ What is it we want out of our...

What is your motivation in Life?

When was the last time you watched 3 Idiots? Am sure all of us must have watched at least a couple of times on the television apart from watching it on the big screen. Who were the characters that you liked and could relate with? I thought two roles stood out in the...
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