🎉 WFAN launches a unique holistic financial coaching program in India!

Written by Team WFAN

Women Financial Advancement Network (WFAN) strives for a society where women join the financial system in an equitable manner to lead a more meaningful life.

May 15, 2020

The new financial year begins with a bang for us at WFAN! Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the first of its kind coaching program for future women entrepreneurs called Design your Life.

So what led to crafting and curating this program? Well, besides a lot of perseverance, patience & passion 🙂 the sheer need to make women financially independent more than ever! And there couldn’t have been a better time than now to kick-start this program given the difficult environment we all are in.

What’s unique about the program?

The uniqueness lies in the customized format of the 90 days program which essentially gives you the chance to explore the space of financial coaching with the idea of becoming a Holistic Financial Wellness Coach.

The 2-hour weekly program enables you to harness your internal energies, makes you familiar with the basics of coaching skills, and deepens your understanding of the role and relationship that we as humans have with money.

Why a holistic financial wellness coaching program?

Financial wellness is not separate from our inner essence, the approach in understanding it is intertwined with who we are every day.

Holistic financial wellness can be achieved by combining the power of physical, emotional, spiritual, and money energies, while at the same time putting forth coaching skills required to blend in money and life as it helps focus on our relationship with money through our beliefs, behaviors, attitude, and habits.

“This independence is underlined by financial wellness and that’s where a program like Design Your Life gains maximum relevance for women across India.” says Partha

Program Structure:

  • 🕐 24 weeks of 1-hour Zoom sessions twice a week every Wednesday & Saturday

  • 📚 Exercises as prep work before & after the sessions

⭐💪 The Inspiring Coaches

Saundra Davis - Founder of Sage Financial Solutions

Saundra Davis – Founder of Sage Financial Solutions

Saundra is the founder of Sage Financial Solutions, Inc. The USA. She is passionate about her work with community-based organizations that focus on creating wealth for the working poor. Saundra created the Financial Fitness Coach® (FFC®) and Accredited Personal Finance Coach (APFC®) certification programs which are the culmination of the wisdom she gained over more than 10 years as a financial planner, coach, and trainer.

She completed her MSFP (Masters in Financial Planning), APFC® (Accredited Personal Finance Coach), FBS® (Financial Behavioral Specialist), San Francisco, California, USA Financial Coach, Speaker & Trainer, Navy Veteran, Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University.

Lindsay Hindle - Founder, Fivesights

Lindsay Hindle – Founder, Fivesights

Lindsay mentors highly ambitious, highly sensitive humans who need help finding their focused stride in the bigness of their ideas, feelings, and full lives. Through the lens of “You live what you leave,” she sees every role and opportunity as a spiritual practice to deepen one’s life meaning, growing a connection to others, thrive in full self-expression, and leave an abundant legacy.

She completed her B.A.Com and earned her Certificate in Community Economic Development and Certificate in BodyMind Nutrition. Lindsay began her career in organizational communications at The Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia. After her son was born, she transitioned to self-employment and through three different business startups, ultimately found her perfect fit in personal growth coaching. Her website ➡️ www.fivesights.com

Key Mentors

Sheryl Garrett, Founder of Garrett Planning Network

Partha Iyengar and Prajakta Shidhore, co-founders of Life & Money

Sheryl Garrett, who has been recognized by ‘former US President Barack Obama’ for her pioneering work in bringing financial advice to the middle class in the USA and upholding the rights of retail investors. Sheryl’s presence in the session was awe-inspiring!

Sheryl elaborates beautifully, being part of WFAN actually propels her mission of helping to make competent, objective financial advice accessible to all who need it and this gives her a big go-ahead to mentor the mission. 

Both Partha and Sheryl come with decades of experience in financial advisory and are very well placed to guide and mentor the members of the program.

[This 90-day program is designed as a precursor to the balance of 9 months of intensive coaching]

🎓 Our energetic & passionate 15 member cohort 👭

(Forever in 🙏 to these strong women for their belief)

Cohort 1 - Design your Life - WFAN

While we are excited about the experiences we are bringing to our first cohort of 15 super talented women, we have begun brainstorming on the next one. If you’re sitting on the fence, trying to make up your mind, this is just what you need.

If you are interested in our 2nd cohort, drop us a message on WhatsApp or fill this invite form and we will inform you about the program structure & commencement details.

Say 🙋🏼 to us on WhatsApp!

In the end, all we can say is – You need to & can take on the reins of your life and what better place to begin than getting financially aware!

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