Introducing: The Ignite Program for Women Career Changers!

Written by Team WFAN

Women Financial Advancement Network (WFAN) strives for a society where women join the financial system in an equitable manner to lead a more meaningful life.

April 17, 2021

We at The Women Financial Advisers Network are happy to announce the launch of ‘The Ignite Program’ for women; to transition their careers from mid and senior-level professionals in the corporate world in India to impactful entrepreneurs.

The Ignite Program is focused on bridging the gender gap in the workplace. Specifically in the financial services space. We at WFAN believe this program will be a stepping stone for women to gain financial independence as well as help them make a difference to many other women and families across India.

Our program is in alignment with the UN Sustainable Goal #5 focused on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.


YouGov Study: 4/5 Indian Women want to start up their own business.

Paytm Social Experiment: Huge financial literacy gap between women and men.

World Economic Forum Report on Future of Work: Investment Advisers are Top Career Options in the World.


Our mission at WFAN is to empower women to be financially independent yet lead a balanced and meaningful life.

Towards this, we have launched the first program in the Ignite Series — an International Certification Program on Financial Life Planning and Investment Advice leading women to start up their own fee-only financial advisory business.


Our Joint Venture Partner The Garrett Planning Network, USA pioneered the fee-only financial planning and investment advice network in 2000 and today GPN serves 25,000 Americans through its 250 members. GPN has trained the members to launch their business successfully through its continuous learning and development platform. It is 24×7 accessible with resources to enhance knowledge across the financial advisory domain, tool kits, and an interactive community of members who collaborate and support each other. WFAN along with Her-Mony as its content and knowledge partner would leverage the GPN platform by localizing content for the Indian markets. The objective of the program is to help members start-up their fee-only financial advisory business in 90–180 days while working towards receiving the International Certification Program on Financial Life Planning and Investment Advice.


The Program is scheduled to be launched by end of May 2021. The first cohort of 30 qualified members will be awarded limited scholarships co-sponsored by PGIM India Mutual Fund & WFAN. The members will be chosen through rigorous selection criteria and qualification processes. The program sessions will be delivered through zoom live sessions by coaches, specialists, and trainers from India and the World. The program covers both soft skills and hard skills to help the members gain confidence, knowledge, and the ability to transform not only their personal and professional lives but also their clients’ and their families lives.


The Program is ideal for women who are in the age group of 35–45 years; with a corporate career spanning10–15 years with a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the BFSI sector. These women aspire to change their careers as entrepreneurs yet lead a balanced and meaningful life.


The application deadline for The Ignite Program is May 25, 2021.


About Us

WFAN, The Garrett Planning Network, USA, PGIM India Mutual Fund, Her-Mony have joined hands to help women across India to build and nurture a socially responsible and sustainable business in the financial services space and impact their clients meaningfully. We believe The Ignite Program focused on Financial Life Planning and Investment Advice will bring a world of difference in the financial advisory space through innovation in delivering value to retail clients, and transform the current business practices to higher standards of excellence.

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