Financial Wellness for Women in Semi-Rural Region

Written by Team WFAN

Women Financial Advancement Network (WFAN) strives for a society where women join the financial system in an equitable manner to lead a more meaningful life.

August 12, 2015

Dear Readers,

We are embarking on a new milestone this year with a project on Financial Wellness for Women in Semi-Rural Region.

We want to empower 1000 women with financial wellness in Kanchipuram, India. We aim to help women college students to:

  • Attain more knowledge
  • Build confidence
  • Make better decisions
  • Change financial behaviour by smart spending, saving and investing
  • Achieve personal and financial goals

We need your help and support as we raise funds for our project on Indiegogo. Your contributions, even a small amount will make a difference. You can even spread the word and share our campaign details with family, friends and colleagues. Help us make it happen!

Thank you so much in advance and appreciate your support!


The Life & Money Team

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