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Written by Ruchi Nagrecha

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February 20, 2020

In this fast lane life, we all tend to have 100 emotions at a time – anxiety, depression, stress or a mental health disorder. It is very important to take care of our mental wellness to lead a happy and successful life.

Here are few powerful tips to lead a meaningful and balanced life:


1. Take care of your body.

Exercising is a great mental health tip because exercise helps burn anxious energy and prevents muscle tension. Exercise releases endorphins that provide a cathartic and relaxed sensation throughout the body and mind. Building strength and endurance in your body also boost confidence, which helps you build strength and endurance in your mind. It helps to promote a healthy brain.


2. Maintain a healthy diet.

Eating processed foods and foods that are high in fats can negatively impact mental health. Eating foods that create fat in the body causes the body and mind to feel more lethargic, and slows down functions like motivation, concentration, and energy to get through your day. Limit your sugar and fat intake to maintain a healthy mind.


3. Make sure that you take breaks to rest during the day.

When you are running at 100% all day, you get exhausted. That exhaustion will make you anxious and emotional. If you take breaks, you will be able to handle stress and keep a healthy mind.


4. Challenge your brain by learning new skills and engaging in new activities.

The positive and healthy stimulation will promote mental health wellness.


5. Remember to spend quality time with family and friends.

Making sure that you build and keep healthy relationships with your loved ones is a mental health wellness tip that goes a long way in working to maintain long-term mental health wellness.


6. Be sure to take care of sleep hygiene.

A major component of mental wellness is to be sure to sleep well. This prevents fatigue, which can have a negative impact on mental wellness.


7. Take time to meditate.

Meditation helps you relax the body and the mind. Even one minute of meditation in the middle of your workday will help improve mental health wellness.


8. Practice deep breathing exercises.

Deep breathing helps the body and mind stay healthy by providing oxygen to the brain and muscles. Practicing deep breathing exercises daily can reduce stress and tension, which promotes mental wellness.


9. Maintain a healthy weight.

Research supports that being overweight or obese is directly related to feelings of anxiety, depression and irritability. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces such symptoms and helps promote a sound and healthy mind.

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