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February 2, 2018

I always find this season valuable for reflecting on the year behind and envisioning the year ahead. To support my focus, I’ve been reviewing my experiences and what I learned in 2017, that it might support me in fully living 2018.

The ideas I shared in in last year’s blogs aren’t necessarily new in my thinking; however, the way they are expressed and the context in which they come alive for me continues to evolve. Below are the golden nuggets that I’m taking away to carry with me into the new year. I thought you might enjoy the opportunity to revisit the themes and see them compiled together.

  • A growth mindset involves being curious and open and using questions to deepen our discovery and explore our experiences more deeply. (What did I learn?)
  • Power comes from how we show up, and what’s possible is shaped by the tone we set through our actions, words, and energy. (Setting the tone)
  • Value and contribution arise naturally when we focus on bringing our best to the needs, objectives and challenges of others, organizations, and the world. (The Path to Social Eminence in a Digital World is Value Creation)
  • A key to unlocking collaboration, innovation and the best in others is being present and giving people our full attention. (Diggin’ me diggin’ you)
  • In every moment, there’s opportunity to look inside and outside of ourselves for insight, with incoming information enriching our perspective. (The Truth About Feedback)
  • Every interaction is an opportunity to build strong relationships through not only our words and actions but also the unseen energy of our intentions, attitudes and the beliefs we hold. (The Invisible Touch)
  • Confidence comes from taking small steps toward what we value and from experimenting, learning from our actions, and building on our success. (small steps toward success breed confidence)
  • We can listen to what’s happening in our minds, adjust the words and tone, and focus our thoughts to align with what we want to achieve. (Mindset is the engine that powers success)
  • Focusing on our wellbeing enables us to respond versus react to stressful circumstances at work and home. (Regular recovery is essential for being resilient)
  • Visualizing success is a valuable tool for gaining a clear sense of purpose that pulls us toward important outcomes and brings our energy to things that make a difference in the world. (Sense of Purpose – The Pathway to Success)
  • We always have an impact, even when we do nothing–sometimes especially when we do nothing. (You always have an impact)
  • Mental calmness and composure are available when we are present and aware of what’s happening and focused and intentional about how we respond. (Equanimity)

I’m curious if any of these are particularly resonant for you? The 2nd to last one about our impact has been very ‘sticky’ for me. It was first uttered to me in 2005 by Therese Kienast at the Radical Leadership retreat I attended, and it has been a beautiful echoing reminder ever since to be aware and awake and at choice.

And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.

~ Reinar Maria Rilka

* I took this photo in front of our house on one winter.

The above blog is by Vicki Flaherty and was originally published on her blog page

About Vicki: I am passionate about helping individuals bring their best to their lives and work. I have had the great fortune to do this at IBM since 1998. I thrive when I am creating and collaborating, when I am writing and speaking, when I am designing talent programs, and creating innovative and inspiring development experiences that matter. Right now, my work involves designing and managing leadership programs for the next generation of leaders. I have served in IBM’s prestigious Corporate Service Corps, led work to develop IBM’s current leadership competencies, and won awards for my work in career development. I served on the Board of Directors for the Green Building Certification Institute from 2008-2014 and think there is something important about how we engage with Mother Earth. I love to write and published my first book in 2012, a collection of poems entitled Mostly My Heart Sings. I am an avid runner, enjoy yoga and gardening, and love traveling with my husband Jim. I currently call home Iowa City, Iowa.

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