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Meet Uma Jaishankar

She's a Financial Wellness Advocate

Uma Jaishankar

Women from time immemorial have been the substratum of any household. Over the passage of time, an increasing number are performing the role of the financial contributor and/or partaking in financial decisions for their families. A woman is challenged with multiple responsibilities and has little time at her disposal. Most women would excel should they be offered counsel on a systemic approach to realizing material goals.

I am inspired by the idea to empower women in the area of financial wellness. It is my objective to help women find fulfilment terms upon achieving their material goals. By experience, I have realized the importance of setting up sustainable & quantifiable financial goals. After all, life goals are not to be pursued with an “impulsive shopper attitude”. I, therefore, offer to coach women, and—more specifically to low income group women to establish long term financial goals. Such goals are to be followed by clearly laid saving forecasts and investment strategies. Well, my journey with my beneficiaries does not end here. There are several challenges in this long journey of achieving such life goals. I hand-hold clients individually throughout their journey.

My own “realization story” in terms of managing family wealth and a few women whom I have helped frame and pursue “financial life goals” are my testimony. I derive contentment when my beneficiaries find value in my counsel, comfort that I am their “trust centre” and are motivated by me when they find their spirits are down. I am qualified with a Masters degree in Commerce and am currently pursuing the WFAN program.

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Certified Financial Life Planning and Investment Adviser – International Certification jointly awarded by The Women Financial Advancement Network, The Garrett Planning Network and PGIM India Mutual Fund
Aug 2022 - No Expiry
11+ Yrs



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