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Meet Janani Mohanraj

She's a Chartered Accountant

Janani Mohanraj

Janani Mohanraj is an Indian Chartered Accountant (CA) by qualification. She is currently the Manager of the Management Consulting division of Kenspire Advisors Private Limited. She was formerly a practising CA specialising in the areas of taxation, financial planning, wealth management and investment advisory. She has prior experience working under the Indian Bankruptcy Code while working for the Restructuring division of an American consulting company. She is also a freelance writer, content creator and is passionate about financial literacy, women empowerment, sustainable development, and gender equality.

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Chartered Accountant (CA)


Certified Financial Life Planning and Investment Adviser – International Certification jointly awarded by The Women Financial Advancement Network, The Garrett Planning Network and PGIM India Mutual Fund
Aug 2022 - No Expiry
11+ Yrs



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